How to DIY extension nails at home

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Today I want to share with you how to DIY extension nails at home.💅

This method I share with you today is quick and simple, and is very suitable for novices.Let's study in detail.

1. File and clean your natural nails,then apply a thin base coat evenly and cure by LED UV lamp

2. Squeeze the extension glue on the nail mold. The amount must be controlled. If it is too much, it will squeeze out from the side. And if it is too small, the extension will be too thin and easy to break.

3. Dip the clean water with a flat-headed brush! Push the extension glue, be sure to dip it in clean water, otherwise the glue will stick to the brush and it will not be evenly spread. When pushing it, make sure that there is also the extension glue on the edge!

4. Put the mold on the nail and press it to make sure that there should be no air bubbles inside, and all the air must be squeezed out. If the extension glue overflows, you can wipe it off with a cotton swab, and then you can put it into the phototherapy machine! The light is about 60s

5. After the light is over, carefully remove the mold by shaking it left and right, then cut out the length you like, and polish the nail shape.

Now,the extension nails is done, and then you can make your favorite style on them.

A good extension glue will protect our nails better and last longer. So what I recommend to you today is Lanfo's new extension glue for autumn and winter.It resists fading and it is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low odor, safe for skin.

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